Confirmed Whiskies

Sydney Whisky Fair 2018
Friday 24 – Saturday 25 August

A Host Of Rare & Exclusive Whiskies

Here is a list of the distilleries that will be represented at Sydney Whisky Fair 2018, which will be updated as line-ups are confirmed. Please note, that the distilleries listed are those which will be represented in some form at the Fair. Each distillery may not have its own stand, but be part of an independent bottler’s offering, for example.

We will publish the full list of drams and tables prior to the event, so you can plan your day from there.

Subject to change without notice due to unforeseen circumstances.

  • Scotland
  • Australia
  • Other Countries
  • Independent Bottlers

Ben Nevis
Blair Athol
Glen Grant
Royal Brackla


Belgrove (TAS)
Black Gate
Limeburners (WA)
Old Kempton (TAS)
Starward (VIC)
Tasmanian Independent Bottlers (TAS)
Timboon (VIC)

Other Countries

Armorik (France)
Chita (Japan)
Glann Ar Mor (France)
Green Spot
Koval (USA)
Midelton (Ireland)
Redbreast (Ireland)
Russell’s Reserve (USA)
Willett (USA)
Yamazaki (Japan)

Independent Bottlers

Berry Brothers & Rudd
Creative Whisky Co
Hidden Spirits
North Star
Scotch Malt Whisky Society
Signatory Vintage
Valinch & Mallet

A list of whiskies to be poured at Sydney Whisky, in alphabetical order.

While all efforts have gone into ensuring the accuracy of these lists, there may be changes between now at Sydney Fair due to unforeseen circumstances. Also, we’re human, so if there are typos – please be kind.

The Oak Barrel tries to be as transparent as possible with Sydney Whisky Fair and we post this list so you can plan your day. There is always the possibility of last-minute changes, which can be out of anyone’s hands. We will endeavour to update this list as quickly as possible if changes occur.

Please note, that this order is not necessarily representative of where whiskies will appear on the day – this is purely a list sorted by the alphabet.

Acorn Macduff 15-Year-Old 53.9%
Armorik Classic 46%
Armorik Double Maturation 46%
Armorik Maitre De Chai 46%
Armorik Triagoz 46%
Belgrove Peated Rye 60%
Belgrove Rye 46%
Belgrove Rye Shiraz Cask 60%
Berry Bros & Rudd Islay 44.2%
Berry Bros & Rudd Peated Cask 44.2%
Berry Bros & Rudd Sherry Cask 44.2%
Berry Bros & Rudd Speyside 44.2%
Berry’s Own Benrinnes 1997 46%
Black Gate BG020 Rum Cask 50%
Black Gate BG023 Rum 40%
Black Gate BG026 Rum 51%
Black Gate BG032 Hybrid Cask 46.7%
Black Gate BG055 Peated Sherry Cask 63.6%
Bladnoch Adela 15-Year-Old 46.7%
Bladnoch Samsara 46.7%
Chita Single Grain 43%
Collecting Scotch Whisky: Volume 1 (Book)
Comte de Lamaestre 1967 Armagnac 40%
Creative Whisky Islay 50%
Creative Whisky Orkney 50%
Creative Whisky Peated Glenturret 57.8%
Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva Rum 40%
Douglas Laing Bowmore 15-Year-Old 48.4%
Douglas Laing Dailuaine 9-Year-Old 46%
Douglas Laing Fettercairn 8-Year-Old 46%
Douglas Laing Glengoyne 10-Year-Old 46%
Douglas Laing Glentauchers 20-Year-Old 51.5%
Douglas Laing Ledaig 15-Year-Old 48.4%
Fleurieu Atlantic Crossing 52%
Fleurieu Bogart & Bacall 61.2%
Glann Ar Mor Maris Otter 46%
Glen Grant 10-Year-Old 40%
GlenAllachie 10-Year-Old 57.1%
GlenAllachie 18-Year-Old 46%
GlenAllachie 25-Year-Old 46%
GlenDronach 18-Year-Old 46%
GlenDronach 21-Year-Old 48%
GlenDronach Peated Port Wood 46%
Glenfarclas 105 60%
Glenfarclas 10-Year-Old 40%
Glenfarclas 12-Year-Old 43%
Glenfarclas 15-Year-Old 46%
Glenfarclas 17-Year-Old 43%
Glenfarclas 21-Year-Old 43%
Glenfarclas 25-Year-Old 43%
Glenfarclas 8-Year-Old 40%
Green Spot 40%
Green Spot Leoville-Barton 46%
Hakushu 12-Year-Old 43%
Hakushu Distillers Reserve 43%
Hibiki Harmony 43%
Hidden Spirits Aultmore 11-Year-Old 51.6%
Hidden Spirits Ben Nevis 12-Year-Old 55.4%
Hyde Cask Strength 59%
Hyde No. 6 Sherry Finish 46%
Ichiro’s Malt & Grain 46%
Iniquity Batch 11 46%
Iniquity Batch 12 46%
Iniquity Batch 6 46%
Kilchoman 2009 Vintage 46%
Kilchoman Loch Gorm 2018 46%
Kilchoman Port Cask 2018 50%
Kilchoman Red Wine 50%
Kings Ginger Liqueur 41%
Kornog Oloroso 43%
Kornog Roch Hir 46%
Koval Millet 40%
Lark Cask Strength 58%
Lark Classic Cask 43%
Lark Distillers Selection 46%
Lark Whisky Fair Exclusive 100ml 58%
Limeburners Darkest Winter 63.4%
Limeburners Port Cask Strength 61%
Limeburners Sherry Cask 43%
Midleton Very Rare 40%
Noah’s Mill 57.15%
North Star Campbeltown 57%
North Star Glentauchers 58.9%
North Star PX 20%
North Star Spica 20-Year-Old 45.2%
Old Kempton Cask Strength Tokay 61.7%
Old Kempton Small Cask Pinot 46%
Overeem Port 43%
Overeem Port 60%
Overeem Sherry 43%
Redbreast 12-Year-Old 40%
Redbreast 15-Year-Old 46%
Redbreast Lustau 46%
Roof Rye 40%
Rowan’s Creek 50.05%
Russell’s Reserve 10-Year-Old 45%
Shakleton Blended Malt 40%
Signatory Vintage Benrinnes 1995 49.7%
Signatory Vintage Blair Athol 1988 60.9%
Signatory Vintage Bruichladdich 1990 58%
Signatory Vintage Caledonia 1987 49.7%
Signatory Vintage Glen Grant 1995 52.5%
Signatory Vintage Inchmurrin 1993 57.4%
SMWS 2.108 ‘The King O’ Malts’ 60.9%
SMWS 42.41 ‘Message In A Bottle’ 57.4%
SMWS 53.253 ‘Ship Shape And Brine’ 57.2%
SMWS44.93 ‘Tipple Of The Bramble Hunter’ 63.2%
Starward Bourbon Cask 52%
Starward Solera 43%
Starward Wine Cask 41%
Tamnavulin Double Cask 40%
Tasmanian Independent Bottlers Old Kempton (Redlands) Port Cask 47.7%
Tasmanian Independent Bottlers Redlands Release 2 Port Cask 49.6%
Tasmanian Independent Bottlers Redlands Release 3  Muscat Cask 49.6%
Tasmanian Independent Bottlers Renowned NSW Distillery Release 2 49.1%
Tiger Snake 43%
Timboon Christie’s Cut 60%
Timboon Port Cask 41%
Timboon Shagger’s Reserve 69.7%
Valinch & Mallet Glenrothes 11-Year-Old 53%
Valinch & Mallet Royal Brackla 12-Year-Old 48.8%
Valinch & Mallet Tobermory 9-Year-Old 48.8%
Willett Family Estate Rye 55.2%
Willett Pot Still 47%
Yamazaki 12-Year-Old 43%
Yamazaki Distillers Reserve 43%