Fair Exclusive: Timboon Shagger’s Reserve


You may have seen it leaked through social media and here it is officially announced: we’re delighted to partner with Victoria’s Timboon distillery for the first time to release a Sydney Whisky Fair exclusive in 2018.

Timboon is a distillery we have long admired from afar. Their early output was kept close to their chests as their location on a tourist trail garnered them a steady stream of would-be drinkers.

Located in Victoria’s Western District, just off the Great Ocean Road, the distillery is housed in a disused railway shed. The train line to Timboon was a branch line from Camperdown, which was closed in 1986 and much of it dismantled a year later. The line has been preserved as a bicycling rail trail from Camperdown and the Timboon distillery was originally formed from an ice cream company at the end of the line.

In expanding their offering to whisky in 2007, the original Timboon Railway Shed owners developed a renowned restaurant location. Current owner Josh Walker was placed a greater emphasis on distilling and announced earlier in the year an expansion of floor space dedicated to distilling.


How Timboon’s Josh Walker announced it…

For the first time we’ve been able to access a single cask bottling as the distillery starts to have a steady supply of casks.

The release is called Shagger’s Reserve. A 20-litre port cask, it’s the sort of barrel that you’d typically blend in with other casks to calm down the sheer intensity of it. Released in a single cask format, however, it’s the perfect show-pony for this year’s Fair.

Big and sweet with cracked pepper and spices, it’s bottled at a not-to-be-sneezed-at 69.7%. It’s brash, powerful and a whole lot of fun. To spread the love we’ve opted to bottle this in 200ml editions and keeping with the theme, it will cost $69 plus GST (which is $75.90 for those playing at home).

Say g’day to Josh at Stall 11 this weekend, he’ll also be pouring his core range port cask and Christie’s Cut. They showcase a very different whisky to Shagger’s – which is far more muscular to their delicate, soft house style.

Full tasting notes to come post-Fair, we want you to try it for yourself first.

Available at Sydney Whisky Fair and exclusively at The Oak Barrel.