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Cask Hunters: Inside Scottish Indie Bottlings

Monday 24 August

Independent bottlers are responsible for some of the most exceptional and interesting whisky in the Australian market.

But how does a cask leave the distillery and end up in the hands of an indie bottlers? Why do we see some distilleries more than others? And what will we be seeing in the future.


Ciara Hepburn (North Star)
Dave Worthington (That Boutique-y Whisky Company)
Alistair Walker (Infrequent Flyers)
Eamonn Jones (Rest & Be Thankful)

Registrations Open Soon

Ardnamurchan Adelphi Rising

Tuesday 25 August

Founder Alex Bruce and Sales Manager Connal Mackenzie will take us through a discussion about sustainability, transparency and great casks as we look towards the very first whisky release from Archamurchan.

One of Scotland’s most exciting and anticipated new whisky distilleries, we’ll also look at the independent bottling arm Adelphi. There are a very limited number of tasting packs available to purchase.


Tim Duckett’s Trails Through Tasmania

Wednesday 26 August

Our annual check-in with Heartwood and Tasmanian Independent Bottlers’ Tim Duckett – looking at what’s good (and what’s not so good) in the Tasmanian scene.

Expect opinions, insight and rants from both Tim a special guest Bill Lark, an icon of the Australian whisky industry.

There are a very limited number of tasting packs available if you don’t have something Tasmanian open to drink at home, featuring Heartwood, Tasmanian Independent Bottlers and a brand new Lark.


The Annual Australian Distillers’ (Liquid) Dinner

Thursday 27 August

We’re going live into the homes of whisky distillers around the country instead of getting them to a Sydney restaurant, to talk about the realities of running and owning a whisky distillery.

We’ll be able to offer a limited number of tasting packs from the distilleries, featuring new releases (which would have launched at Fair), barrel samples and rarities.

Line-up announced very soon.

Registrations Open Soon

Blind Whisky Tasting With SMWS

Friday 29 August

Do you treat a whisky the same way when you haven’t seen the bottle that it was poured from? A look into the art and experience of tasting whisky blind with help from our friends at the Scotch Malt Whisky Society. 

We’re able to offer a limited number of tasting packs for purchase, so you can taste along at home while we go through each of the whiskies. With experts from the SMWS as well as the wine industry, where blind tasting is a big part of that culture.


Big Questions Afternoon

Saturday 29 August

A parade of distillers and whisky experts answering any and all of your questions about whisky, life and themselves.

Submit questions beforehand or live during the stream.

Registrations Open Soon

Rare As Hen’s Teeth Aussie Whisky Discussion

Sunday 30 August

A discussion with three established Aussie whisky distilleries – McHenry, Belgrove & Black Gate – with a companion tasting of three unicorn whiskies, one from each distillery.

Only 14 tasting packs to sell as we discuss each of these very rare drams and also discuss the three very different journeys of each distillery.


Whisky Round Table: Fight Night

Monday 31 August

The weekly Whisky Round Table will finish off Sydney Whisky Forum’s Closing Night with a light-hearted and jovial look back at the week that was. 

Featuring regular panelists Alexandra Dahlenburg (Speakeasy), Andrew Milne (Southtrade), Matt Bailey (SMWS) and Scott Fitzsimons (The Oak Barrel), they’re going to pick something to fight about and then fight about it.

Registrations Open Soon

Single Cask Launch

Tuesday 1 September

Details coming soon.

Registrations Open Soon

Archie Rose Exclusive Single Cask Reveal & Physical Launch Event

Wednesday 2 September

A very special bottling, a very special evening and a very special distillery, we’re excited to confirm that in partnership with Sydney’s Archie Rose Distillery we’re able to offer an Oak Barrel Exclusive Single Cask whisky and a physical tasting event to launch it!

A release years in the making, we are beyond excited for you to try Archie Rose cask R125 – the first single cask rye whisky they’ve released. This is their classic Rye Malt Whisky (the one named best Rye In The World) in single cask format, it is weighing in at cask strength 52.4%.


Live Stream

Video will be available to play when the panel is in session.