Launching: Sydney Whisky Forum 2020


With Sydney Whisky Fair unfortunately not able to take place in 2020, the current climate has given us the opportunity to introduce another idea we have been kicking around for a few years but not had the time to implement. We’d like to announce Sydney Whisky Forum 2020, a series of panels, tastings and discussions about the current state of whisky.


With an array of domestic whisky distillers and experts, and a handful of international ones, we’ll be going through a series of topics from the challenges facing Australian whisky distilleries, to the state of Tasmanian whisky, and the art of blind tasting to the process of bottling a single cask of Scotch whisky for Australia.

These virtual panels will be free to register for and participate in by asking questions and offering comments and the videos will be hosted following the event to serve as a knowledge base for everyone and anyone to access for years to come.

While there’ll certainly be an element of industry knowledge, these topics will also be fascinating for whisky lovers as well – an insight into what makes the whisky industry in Australia tick, what decisions are made that result in the whisky in your glass and what can we expect in the future.

There will also be a couple of events which will have tasting packs available to purchase so punters can drink along at home. Because of the rarity of some of the whiskies, they will be strictly limited.

We might even have a physical (!) event lined up…

The the schedule, panelists and steps to register/purchase will be announced soon and can be found here. 

As well as the array of rare, exclusive and utterly delicious whisky on offer at each Sydney Whisky Fair, some of the best fun to be had is catching up with friends and having a chat about whisky. We’ll still be able to do that with Sydney Whisky Forum.