Sydney Whisky Fair Has Sold Out


Sydney Whisky Fair has sold out in 2018, the sixth straight time it has done so.

The Oak Barrel crew would like to thank everyone for their support around the event and we’re going to have some exciting news to announce in the coming weeks.

If you need an even bigger whisky fix, head over to our page of Masterclasses. These events will run in the lead-up to the Fair itself, providing an opportunity at the intimate, sit-down whisky events that run all through the year at The Oak Barrel.

Keep bookmarked for news in the coming weeks and then for recourses for the event in the week prior.

See ya at The Oak Barrel soon. Dram on.


In Case You Were Wondering…

…The first release sold out in under two-and-a-half days.

…The first and second sessions sold out in under a day after the final release went on sale.

…While the rate in which tickets sold by quantity is below the record, the rate in which orders came through is a new record. This largely has to do with the members pre-sale, which requires a paid-up Oak Barrel membership per ticket sold. As a result, orders of one ticket dominated the first 24 hours, slowing down the quantities and giving more people a chance to access tickets.

…A spike in traffic on crashed the website (via the ‘/shop/event’ pages) at 11.54am – six minutes before the final release went on sale. As our hosts allocated more server space, it meant we were unable to put tickets live directly at midday. The site reappeared at 12.16, tickets updated at 12.17 and the first order came through at 12.18.

…Session 1 (Friday) was the most popular in 2018, so far, ahead of Session 2 (Saturday arvo) and Session 3 (Saturday night). This is a change from the previous two years, when Session 2 was the quickest-selling slot.