Whisky Fair’s Favourite Whisky Bar: The Wild Rover


Can’t wait until Whisky Fair, or want to re-live the fun? Join us at The Wild Rover.

The Oak Barrel and Sydney Whisky Fair are once again proud to share a dram with The Wild Rover as our official partner bar of this year’s event. A speakeasy-style whisky and cocktail bar just a couple of blocks from our site (two minutes’ walk, three minutes if you catch the red light), the Rover is often regarded as one of Sydney’s best bars.

For us here at The Oak Barrel and Whisky Fair, Rover has become our home away from home. A welcoming, jovial haunt that’s as enjoyable to perch at the bar on a Monday night as it is in the throes of the weekend. We’ve been known to regularly work our way through the ever-evolving whisk(e)y selection, delve into new flavours in their brand new cocktail list or keep it simple with wine and Green Smoothies* and we can highly recommend it.

The Rover also has its own Whisk(e)y Club, The Whiskey Co-Op. Once you’ve signed up as a member you can come along to any of their free members tastings, which run every three-to-four weeks throughout the year. Drawing in brand ambassadors and whisky experts from around Australia – and the world – the tastings cover whiskies from all around the world. Sometimes they even let The Oak Barrel host. Pretty loose, but lots of fun.

Sydney Whisky Fair is one weekend of the year. For every other Friday and Saturday, there’s Rover. Next time you’re in the area, pop into Rover for a drink and a feed and say g’day – we’ll be sitting on the other side of the bar.

You never know. You might even see some special Oak Barrel whiskies behind the bar in the very near future… More details on that soon.